Angular JS Course

Angular is a TypeScript-based Javascript framework for creating quick and reactive web apps. It is developed and maintained by Google and is described as a "Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework". Angular is a powerhouse of a framework built with speed and purpose.

Introduction to Angular JS
  1. Angular 4 vs. AngularJS
  2. Installing and Using Angular 4
  3. Building Blocks of and Angular 4 Application
Introduction to Typescript and Es6
  1. Variables , Arrays ,Objects
  2. Class Constructors
  3. Interfaces
  4. Parameter and Return Value Types
  5. Working with Modules
  6. Arrow Functions
  7. Template Strings – Variables and Expressions
  8. Generics - Class
  9. Generics - Methods

Data and Event Binding

Attribute Directives and Property Bindings

Structural Directives


HTTP Client
  • We make Sure that each topic must cover in depth.
  • Practical Demostration of Each Topic.
  • Test on Every Weekend
  • Provide Notes so that Student do not need to write much.
  • Live project at Course End.

Course Information

  • Course Title: Angular JS Course
  • Duration: 45 Days
  • Key Features:
  • 1. Course Completion Certificate
  • 2. Hands-on Practice Everyday
  • 3. Mentor Support
  • 4. Live Project Development
  • 5. Students will get Notes Material, Tools, Software